Welcome to a blog for the wonderfully weird city of Austin, Texas!

Maybe not exactly the sanest city, but we're liberal as anywhere on the east coast, while still bringing the GOOD things this state is known for:
Friendly people, gorgeous scenery, great food, and the best damn music you'll ever hear!

Now y'all got any questions? C'mon don't be shy, I love to talk!

[Note that this serves as an RP blog for a personification of the city of Austin, nor associated with Hetalia. If you're just here for stuff about the best city in Texas, check the "What to Blacklist" link]

The Trishas- Give It Away

[I highly encourage you to listen to this- these girls are amazing! And that voice, my god! These guys and Sarah Jarosz, just wow, some real talent comes through Wimberley!

The thing I’ve noticed about Texas girls, they all sound great live!]